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Emotional Intelligence for the Spiritual Explorer

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    Artwork by Natalia Koreshkova “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest … Continue reading


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    Thanks to Andy Whitely at Wake up World for his Amazing job as Editor! 30th June 2014 By Jennifer Deisher Guest Writer for Wake Up World Beliefs can become patterns if you hold them long enough. People don’t like to have their … Continue reading

    moonhippiemysticStop, Look and Listen - a Society in DenialStop Look and Listen - Society in Denialbtn_donateCC_LGmoonhippiemysticStop, Look and Listen - a Society in DenialStop Look and Listen - Society in Denialbtn_donateCC_LG

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    I’m so excited to have my article “Releasing Toxic Relationships” featured on the cover of the July 2014 issue of OM Times Magazine!  Check it out: If the Writing Inspires you please send us some LOVE in the form … Continue reading


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    Full Definition of QUANTUM MECHANICS:  a theory of matter that is based on the concept of the possession of wave properties by elementary particles, that affords a mathematical interpretation of the structure and interactions of matter on the basis of these … Continue reading


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  • 08/10/14--15:20: OM Times – August Edition
  •   Check out my article “Learning from the Shadow Within” featured on the cover of OM Times Magazine with Erich von Däniken.  Very Exciting! The article is on page 94 or here is a direct link:         … Continue reading


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  • 08/23/14--09:50: Blueprints for Butterflies
  • Hello Friends! I know many of you have read our blog and even worked with us on occasion in the Awakening process.  We’re so Honored to be here and a part of this journey with all of you!  Recently we … Continue reading


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  • 08/27/14--12:36: Our Purpose is to Heal
  • There’s much going on right now. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of it all. It’s easy to raise your hands to the Heavens and cry “Why?!?” or “Where are you, God?!?” Even if you’re awake and aware … Continue reading


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  • 09/13/14--08:15: 3 Question Soul Reading
  • Ask us anything and we’ll give you an answer!  If you feeling “stuck” in limited patterns of behavior, having trouble deciding whether to end your relationship, or whether to take the new job.  If you’re having a spiritual awakening, spiritual … Continue reading


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    Happiness is a factor of Life and one well worth striving for.  It’s a necessary component for us to completely embark on a spiritual path.  Our heart, soul, and spirit don’t live in the energy of “not good enough”, or … Continue reading


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    In these swiftly changing waters of Awakening, sometimes we find our head just above water and need a little guidance from “above”.  We’ve combined our 3 Question Soul Reading with a deeply Healing Soul Balancing Session.  The session includes a … Continue reading


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    Empaths or empathic people are wonderfully unique and much more highly sensitive than most.  Being an empath can be a difficult journey, especially when one is just learning that they have this Gift or haven’t quite figured out how to … Continue reading


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    23rd October 2014 By Jennifer Deisher Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Here we are on our beautiful blue green planet, travelling through time and space, hurtling toward infinity. Whether we realize it or not, we are united by our humanity. … Continue reading

    moonhippiemysticUbuntu & Empathy - the New Paradigm for HumanityMaslow's Hierarchy of Needsnot-yetbtn_donateCC_LGJennifer DeishermoonhippiemysticUbuntu & Empathy - the New Paradigm for HumanityMaslow's Hierarchy of Needsnot-yetbtn_donateCC_LGJennifer Deisher

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  • 06/10/14--12:10: The Trauma Drama
  • We have entered a delicate emotional and spiritual space in our “evolution” and I’ve heard from many recently in regards to feeling like the deeper emotional issues are coming up AGAIN to be processed.  From here, many are re-Creating their own emotional “traumas” in an inadvertent way both individually and in the bigger societal picture.  The definition […]


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    By Jennifer Deisher I Love the rain. I always have. Maybe it’s because Water is my element. Maybe it’s because I’ve had sorrow in my Life and the rain is fresh and rejuvenating. Maybe it’s because Spring is my favorite season. Maybe it’s because I want to feel Pure and Clean. I wish this was the type […]


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  • 06/24/14--12:23: Healing the Trauma Drama
  • By Jennifer Deisher Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, and when this happens we often take an emotional “snapshot” of this moment, living and re-living this detrimental emotional experience. As exhausting as this can be, it is here that we will find a great Key of transcendence – it allows us to look a little further withIN that trauma, and release some of the […]

    moonhippiemysticblack-heartHealing the Trauma Drama - The Mirror of Perceptionmoonhippiemysticblack-heartHealing the Trauma Drama - The Mirror of Perception

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    By Jennifer Deisher   Beliefs can become patterns if you hold them long enough. People don’t like to have their belief systems challenged as sometimes they are the very foundation used to “survive”, emotionally speaking. Today, something is obviously not working, yet we still struggle with the idea of confronting and releasing our old conditioning and beliefs, healing, […]

    moonhippiemysticStop, Look and Listen - a Society in DenialStop Look and Listen - Society in DenialmoonhippiemysticStop, Look and Listen - a Society in DenialStop Look and Listen - Society in Denial

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    Check out my article “Releasing Toxic Relationships” featured on the cover of the July 2014 issue of OM Times Magazine: Jennifer Deisher is the writer of the Moon Hippie Mystic blog and has been published on several Consciousness and Healing websites including Wake up World and OM Times Magazine. Thank you for stopping by Blueprints for Butterflies!Filed under: abuse, […]


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